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Monday, 26 September 2011

Kasia Provides Softer Toilet Tissue...Kasia Provides Luxury In Life

Don't you hate it when you go into a public toilet and find bog standard (pardon the pun) toilet roll? It can be rougher than sandpaper or worse still, you get there, and there is no paper at all!!

This week my Luxury In Life Campaign set out to provide Londoners with something a little bit special when they visited public toilets. For those of you with, how shall we put it, ‘over active imaginations’ sorry to disappoint, but my weeks escapades were far from risqué. I decided to swap the horribly rough, tissue-paper-like loo roll found in so many public toilets across London, with 'Andrex Limited Collection Subtle and Stylish Toilet Tissue'. For obvious reasons, I wasn’t able to capture anyone’s reactions in the cubicles when they discovered the exquisitely soft rolls, as appose to the usual crap they expected (pun most definitely intended). However, for this week’s post, I have put together a collage which documents my accomplishments, as I think, despite being mostly made up off bogs, it looks pretty cool.

Kasia x

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